Ana Rana is thirsty

Costa Rica’s prize-winning author Anacristina Rossi is back with her first book for children in which she champions the cause of amphibians while denouncing environmental abuses. La Jirafa y Yo is proud to publish this mind-opening work.

Best known for La loca de Gandoca – a novel that for close to twenty years helped raise awareness in students on the subject of survival – Rossi uses her latest book to address the issue of climate change and its impact on today’s rainfall patterns as evidenced by severe dry spells on the Pacific coast and floods on the Atlantic.

In Ana Rana is Thirsty, the author reveals the hardships amphibians face as they deal with the effects of global warming. In spite of being deeply affected by this ecological crisis, the frogs prove themselves wiser than humans as they struggle to redress their predicament by calling on the key to the future: our children.

With his usual skill and artistry, illustrator Adián González brings to life the multi-colored frogs who fall just short of telling their own tale.

Ages: all

Pages: 24

Product dimensions: 25 x 22 x 0,4 cm

Binding & Paper: paperback sewing, couche paper 150g

Writer: Anacristina Rossi

Illustrator: Adián González

Isbn: 978-9968-583-49-7

Weigth: 130g

Ana Rana is thirsty